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Originally posted by Johnnay
His execution can’t be worse than say.... Nina’s method right..

Depends.... Nina's wall carry is pretty tough, but spamming qcf1 in combos also works.... the backsway cancel is tricky.....and keeping precision in her SS1 pressure is hard as well.... but she has a nice list of simple cheap moves to not rely on the advance stuff..... plenty of plus frame moves as well

after a few matches with AK, I can say, you can still get nice damage doing staple moves.... Its just the max damage that requires some high execution.. most of the cast have quick mid hitting rage drives that are plus on block, pretty much a free card to toss out at the end of a round... AK's is a duckable high you likely have to use on a tech trap with a window to input a grab otherwise its wasted... that's insane to me, and like Steve, he could use a second RD as an alternative to that gimmicky one.....AK also lacks in plus frame moves..... I'm not sure why they didn't make his f4 +5 like Kazuya's, that would really open up his game