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Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
Middle Eastern people being super conservative.
Conservative for the things they are interested in. And never mistake the word conservative for diactorship, which is the form of govern those societies live under, not us.

My society and I are also very conservative religious wise and towards many other aspect of life, but from there to command others what they have to do with their creations (a game in this case), lies the thin line between "freedom" and dictatorship.

This political correct dictatorship got out of their hands already long ago. Everyday we have to hear and shallow many things that border on retardation, and we have had enough of that.

Would have never before when I was a kid thought that all this shit one day ended up affecting videogames. What happened with Zafina's skirts and the arab stage was surreal, like it also is putting women in a ww2 game (Battlefield Vagina), or in a greek spartans game (ac: oddysey), and etc etc many other things that have been affecting videogames for many years already, lobbys agendas wise.

Ridiculousness defiles everything already even videogames which always was a one way ticket to evade from real life affairs. Fuck them already!, they don't even play videogames at all!

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