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Originally posted by Bad At Tekken
1. A lot of fighting styles in this game are not based on Martial Arts but that doesn't stop them from still appearing in the game. If anything I'd welcome more unorthodox looking styles rather than another different way of using Mishima Style Martial Arts.

2. I like her personality.

3. Leo visited his dead parents, Bob lost weight, Miguel threw a fit, Alisa fought a helicopter, and Lars...well Lars did Lars stuff. None of the newcomers Tekken 6 really had much value when you think about it.

Also, psychic isn't a personality trait.

Honestly, I don't see how her story affects her at all..... The entire story needs a overhaul..... Tekken needs to try again, but this time, carefully craft the story so everyone is involved and everyone progresses.....AK and Marduk are in, but nothing about their story is added, no surprise there.......

Gameplay wise, she is super fun..... but so is Wang, Gangryu, Kuni, Alex/Roger........ Can only hope for a season 3.... tough space, cuz that could be overwhelming for some