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Precisely, I liked all the mysticism shrouding her even if that was the usual indian/arabic stuff. I found her quite a likeable female character, among other things because even at her young age of 18 (I think she was) she behaved pretty adult and was not stupid by any means, as opposed to asuka and Lili, two of the latest females to joint the roster too.

And no. It was not her style and sexual biased contorsionism that attracted me about her. It was just.., her. The way she was, speak and overall be. The fighting style was just a plus.

Did she mean anything for the story eventually?, yeah I guess she had no impact on anything story wise in the bullshit t6 campaign, other than warning Jin about what we all knew about (which was more bullshit eventually, the two stars colliding and blahblah lololol nothing happened eventually..). Still, that was Harada's fault for his inavility to inspire more seriousness upon a character of quality through a well developed storyline in scenario campign, and not just giving her that background of glory about his family and what she is and blahblah, for in the end, let it all pass without any glory. The character was good enough to be taken seriously, as opposed to most females that joined before her in T5, and 4.

I liked the character of Zafina. I really liked her
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