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Well, the failure of this character while others like The Chloe Monster™ having success to some very worrying degree, comes only to reveal the mind status of a good part of the fan base. Most of the fans are not mind healthy. It is pretty obvious and no news at all, that 90% of the people into this kind of asian stuff like tekken is definitely sick, even if tekken was once aimed to the eastern audience long time ago.

Zafina was indeed the last quality female tekken character to join since the days of tekken2, and the almost sure fact that she won't be making it for t7 comes as sort of underwhelming reality.

She was a true gift for the fans who like using females for whatever reason; for those doing it just for trolling (hoho my lili kicked Marduk's ass ohoho you shirtless boy ohohoho I'm so modern of mind hohoo..); for others that do really identify themselves with something in these female characters; for the effeminate plague too, etc, but still a true quality gift for all of them in the form of that character. And for all those who don't use females too, because there was so much quality to her, both the character itself, personality and fighting style.

That said,

1- So isn't the fight style of the animals, Chloe; Jack etc. Actually, Zafina's contorsionism might even be at least a little bit close to some indian fighting styles. So implying that Zafina's fighting style ain't real that might not be the truth at all.

2- Her personality was actually the only interesting one along with Jun, Anna and Michelle out of all females.

3- She dies in her ending "a sacrifice must be made to seal Azazel once again", but her ending was non canonical. Only Lars and Alisa roflmao path throughout T6 bullshit scenario campaign was canon, and here she still lives.

Negan's slot should have been used for Zafina's instead. Negan will probably attract even more casual folks to tekken, just for the <<hey look I can play as Negan>>, but nothing more. Yes Negan will increase sales where Zafina probably wouldn't, but that doesn't mean you have to drop her so miserably, specially when you have added loathing stuff like Chloe™ orJosie Nobody
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