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Raven and Lei feel incredibly rewarding when you get them going.

When it's someone who doesn't know the matchup, it's like toying with your food, especially with Raven who can take 65% of a health bar with wall and almost any launcher. When someone does know the matchup and you have to get creative and disciplined it's just as good though you might find yourself wishing you had a simpler character like Shaheen if you're playing at a high level.

Lei is really tough to win with at high levels to me cause his range is so bad and his punishment is awful. But again, when folks don't know the matchup you can get away with tons of Kung Fu shenanigans.

Lastly there's Steve. I haven't learned him well enough in 7, but he's ver complicated and requires a disciplined play style, but unlike Raven and Lei he has useful tools at every level so you don't get super bogged down in a very long move set, nor do you have to rely on clever/risky usage of gimmicks to compete at a high level.