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After reading Bill Pentz on the internet, i kinda freaked out and decided it was time to upgrade from my 1hp ROK dust collector with bag filter... I have a small shop (size of a 1 door garage but in my basement) and ally tools are on i am using my dust collector on 1 machine at a time...Pentz says that all fabricant of dust collector are boosting up their numbers...Craftex 2hp as 1700 cfm is this can be true or is it much more lower than that? If i buy a super dust deputy with a 30 or 35 gallon bin and install it on my Craftex lets say with a 3-4 foot 6inch duct between the 2 and after that i put the 10' flex hose on the super dust deputy to plug 1 machine at a time as im using it will i loose lots of cfm? Or will it be enough to get the minimum 800cfm needed for fine dust like says Pentz?