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So Season 2 Maven is here.

Edit: After having played an extended offline session with some friends, I have revised my opinion of the CH4 nerf. This nerf is far more terrible than I realized. Maven's S2 cH4 is actually worse than T6-TTT2 Raven's cH4. In T6 and in TTT2, when Feng did uf+2 Raven's cH4 would grant a combo due to the unusual Axis Feng put himself at. That is now completely gone, and ALL of her other off axis cH4 combos are gone. All Maven has is an inconsistent range 0 f+2,3 combo from cH4, officially making her cH4 the worst i12 ch4 in the game.

This nerf is wrong. Magic 4 was something that I thought that Raven should have always had and it really rounded out Maven's game. It made opponents think before charging in blindly, yet despite that having it did not make her a top tier. This was a nerf for the sake of doing a nerf, particularly when Miguel, and Jin(seriously?) get magic 4s. On the subject her match-up against Jin got considerably worse, and it would have been bad even if her Magic 4 wasn't taken away. Bad call Namco. Bad call.

BT f+4 was a nerf. People who knew about this wouldn't attempt to low parry Maven and would instead just block, making it easier to sneak in crouch jabs. This being removed reminds of of the days when Xiaoyu's bt crouch jabs were true lows. Maven can survive without this, because the other additions to her BT but it will be missed.

Chakram/Heavy Chakram is the nerf which was the dumbest. How is it Law's very spammable, very fast d+2,3 is only -15 and this is very slow move is -17? People who are familiar with Maven have always punished sloppy Chakram use. Chakram has always been high risk, but this makes it higher, with less reward for the hassle. This move should have gotten a damage buff. Making the low more minus on hit and block is bad considering the overall start up, but why on earth is the Heavy version also negative? Heavy Chakram is the epitome of a hard read, it's the anti-low parry read. How the heck can Maven do that big roll and still be negative on hit? Heavy version should be plus on hit, and should be safe on block. This is another nerf just for the sake of nerfing "hey guys lets make a slow move even more minus".

I don't mind the b+1 combo change. I know people prefer guaranteed wall damage over the new 50/50 options, but I like the 50/50 options. I also like the +5 on block.

1+2 is a deceptively strong buff. I have always used this move alot, and while some people may be excited that Maven has a i14 kd, that 1 frame of difference makes it a lot easier to score counter hits. Although it is nice to have an i14KD as well. Yes, that's right King's FC df+2.

3,3,4 is a good buff. Originally, if the opponent blocked the entire string they could punish it if there back was to the wall. Now they cannot. Ironically the only time I saw this punished, was when I punished it because I knew the frame data. The plus frames on the 3,3 are very good, and while I am not a big user of the 3,3,4,b cancel, it does have it's uses in pressure situations.

b+3 is an excellent buff. KD on hit, and it puts Maven in excellent situations for wake-ups, especially near the wall. I think it is worth losing the +2 frames on block for the advantage this brings on hit.

df+2 is a strange buff. While the move does connect in situations that it would not have connected in season 1, in most of the scenarios I have tested the df+2,4 seems to whiff. This move is now better at hitting moves with evasive properties, but I have not found any reliable combo applications. I am sure some will pop up.

f+4 is a huge buff. Even though it doesn't give any juggle damage f+4 into ff+2 is much better i15 punish than 1+2 or b+2,2 mix-ups. In addition to being able to punish annoying stuff on block like the mid hit of King's Ali Kick string, this move is an excellent whiff punisher. The only downside is the drop in damage. As Maven's strongest single hit move at 30 damage this was useful for killing people who you knew were going to try and rage art. Yeah she has df+1+2. but that move is too slow to use for the same purpose.

df+4,4 is also a huge buff. Many people were afraid they were going to remove the crouching launch properties when we read the patch notes, but were relieved to find that it remained. Now the first two hits are NC, and the full string is guaranteed out in the open. Great for online lag moments when f+4 isn't reliable. Maven needed this, great block punisher.

f+3 doesn't seem lower to me. All of the common moves that went under this (Eddy RLX) still go under this. Theoretically this should connect more consistently, but I don't honestly notice any difference.

3~4 I don't see the difference and I use this move all the time. Second hit still launches if the first hit whiffs, so it's fine by me.

QCF1 buff was to make it so that QCF1 into HAZ1+2 would connect consistently. It is possible to safely CH confirm QCF1 into HAZ1+2, although it takes some practice. There may be some new minor juggles possible as well.

HAZ1+2 giving a wall bounce is an interesting buff. While the move is a little slow by itself, it's a good candidate for Wall bounce because it can be guaranteed from QCF1. The move is not bad raw, due to all of Maven's options out of HAZ, but the qcf1 cH is there for a reason.

qcf2~1 or df+1+2 giving wall bounce is another interesting buff. Namco wanted people to use this move more, but still wanted it to be minus on block I guess. I don't agree with a move this slow being negative, not for the damage it does. There are some situations where this will be great but people will use HAZ1+2 more.

BT b+2 is a move I use a lot so I definitely noticed the difference immediately. Deceptively good buff.

BT 3,4 is a move that I only used once in a blue moon, because it was decently fast and had slightly more range than BT 1,4; At range 0 there is/was no reason to use this over BT 1,4; At longer range BT f+2,4 and even bt f+2,3 were both better moves. However now that this move does a bit more damage, and is neutral on block, and plus on hit, it can be used for pressure. So now there is a real reason to use this.

BT B+3 is virtually a new move. Not only does it connect more consistently, but it now has guaranteed damage. While I have not discovered any new combo applications, this has become an even better tool while in BT. One of my favorite buffs to Maven, considering she was so weak to step while in BT. This was an amazing buff that helps complete her BT game.

BT 1+2 is a fantastic buff. This is something that I have always thought Maven should have, so I was elated to see this in action. This makes her BT game far more effective, particularly when combined with BT b+3. There are so many ways to utilize this move, and the fear of this move makes people react different to her BT. Well done Namco, well done.

Overall Maven has been buffed. Having those two i15 punishers makes a huge difference. Now instead of tickling someone after blocking a -15 move she can seriously discourage opponents from throwing out moves. I notice a big difference in Law Match-ups and King match-ups to name a few. Her BT stance is now much more complete, and 4,1 is a better punish as a result of it. Also having an i14 kd makes a lot of situations different for Maven.

She still needs d+3+4 being a generic d+4. Unless Namco is planning on giving her a new and good low with that command. Also qcf2...very slow, weak and not easy to combo off of. I don't expect the T5 version back or anything(one can dream), but it should be easier to combo from and/or have a damage buff considering how slow it is and the low damage output is compared to other slow low lows.

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