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Originally posted by sheep 2.0
People here seem to forget that Harada is only an employee of Bamco and not the one who has the final say on everything, including Tekken. Yeah, he's the head of the project, but he still has to follow orders from the higher-ups. If the brass at Namco say they want to charge money for the legacy characters, then Harada has no choice, but to follow their orders unless he wants to risk his job and get fired just to please a few fanboys.

But he shouldn't have sent out a tweet claiming legacy characters were going to be free when he obviously hadn't confirmed that with his superiors beforehand. Either that or the big bosses changed their minds about it later.

Originally posted by CHANG39
also the fact that S2 still has a guest character is a deal breaker for me.

Is there any actual confirmation or is this just your speculation?
Signature Originally posted by MysticwinD
Fixed tier list for Lili players only needs 2 tiers, one tier with all the chars better than Lili and a second one with just Lili.