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@ SSfox: It's not that I don't see your point. I understand you, man. Though not necessarily agree with you.

Harada and Team Tekken stuck with the arcade model all this time because they believed that characters were essential to the game, that Tekken was such a game that you couldn't afford to have disparity between users in terms of missing characters.

Things have obviously changed now. They no longer feel that they will diminish the playing experience by creating this disparity. Either that or they just don't care as long as they get their $$$.

Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
I think some folks here are a bit too quick to judge Season 2. It's been out for a few days and there are still 3 characters left to be revealed and I'd say it's safe to assume we'll get at least one new stage. Just give it a little bit of time.

I don't think anybody is judging S2 too quickly. Some minor customization shit, and 6 characters are all that's been advertised. And that's enough to judge it's value.

There's been no mention of a new stage so far, but it's a reasonable assumption that we'll get one, going by previous guest character stages. Of course, Namco could always screw our expectations by not putting in the stage, just like how they didn't put in character episodes for Lei and Anna... actually, just like T7 in general.

So, if we get anything more than advertised, it's gonna be a pleasant surprise.
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