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Tekken 7 been the only game that I have been struggling with as a player of twenty years. I have mained Armor King in the past and been maining King since AK is no longer part of the roster. I am not necessarily struggling to play play. I understand frame data and I have looked through the move list. I know the character well, where I struggle is the game and how it plays against my disability.

I have Autism, and with Autism comes sensory processing disorder. The way I process information is a bit slower than the way another person processes information. I use to substitute this problem by slowing down the game, by playing defensively and at the right moment hitting hard and fast. Then defend again. Slowing down the game has always been the way for me to be able to process the game at my own pace.

In Tekken 7 it feels at time this playstyle is heavily heavily discouraged as people tend to over power defensive playstyle with over aggressive pressure styles. For me, my processing speed is delayed and my ability to react quickly is slightly delayed due to my disability.

I have tried to do everything I can, I've watched youtube videos, I've played with different characters to get a feel for how they play, I have watched break down videos. But I cannot keep up with the speed of the game when it comes too fast. I've never had such trouble in any of the other games, I always felt like I had a chance even against highly aggressive players. But in this game, it's hard for me to process super pressured players because everything becomes an unprocessed blur.

I am not sure what I should do. Any advice?