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Originally posted by Fernandito
Thanks for news, but It's difficult for me to share the excitement the moment I learnt of the autocombos making it for online matches.

This is a case for a lot of concern, and makes many to think where lies the limit devs are heading to in order to cater as many n00bs as possible (the ones that will throw the game into the bargain bin the week after purchase), with the more than obvious risk of destroying the series through scaring everybody that was into tekken before, regardless we are less in terms of $$ sales.

And btw still no words about jukebox for PC and xbox. Motherfuckers...

Anyone doing auto combos is not going to be sufficient with their play. They're not max damage, just something to get the ball rolling, and take up commands normally used for existing strings.

It is not going to be useful for players who are skilled. Anyone who's using auto combos with me will get pummeled. Let people have their fun. They surely will stop playing the game if they come across someone like you who will do their best to beat them so bad they feel like the game has a massive barrier to overcome before having fun.