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Originally posted by Chinky-Eye
Also, something about this game feels "off" compared to previous Tekkens. The moves don't seem to hit with the same satisfying impact as in previous games, and the animations feel a bit off as well. Not sure whether this has to do with the engine or not, but it's definitely something I notice, having played this series for so long.

Maybe it feels that way because of the screw attack animation. I personally felt it lacks the crunch factor of the bound animation and also cools the pace of juggles a bit because you generally have to chase the opponent and continue the combo after S! ing them.

Maybe, just maybe, it would have been better if, instead of screw, they'd used that exaggerated anime animation from claudio's what's-it-called gut-ripper move.

BTW Claudio sucks. For being an exorcist, he's a boring AF character.
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