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The transition to UE was inevitable. Namco probably no longer has the resources to develop an entirely new engine, and the wide variety of development tools for UE make it a natural transition. Namco's proprietary engine was clearly showing its age, as you could see from TTT2, which was frankly ugly by modern standards.

My only gripe is that much of the development time was likely taken up by having to essentially remake the entire game in a new engine. That is a lot of time, money and effort spent that is spent towards simply getting to the starting line. I think that's why almost nothing was changed in terms of generic animations and particle effects. In terms of overall look, this is clearly the smallest leap for the series to date.

I am not a big fan of the overly shiny look of UE, which makes everything look wet. The hair physics are bad as well, which is likely the reason why there are so few hair customs in this game. Also, something about this game feels "off" compared to previous Tekkens. The moves don't seem to hit with the same satisfying impact as in previous games, and the animations feel a bit off as well. Not sure whether this has to do with the engine or not, but it's definitely something I notice, having played this series for so long.