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Originally posted by ICEYOUCOLD
a mistake for Tekken 7? Do you think Tekken 7 is the best they can do graphically? Or can they improve with Unreal Engine 5?

I wouldn't say it was a mistake to go with the UE4, in fact I think T7 is by far one of the few games that looks damn good with UE4, but for me personally I miss how vibrant T6/TT2 in the graphical department, as well as the small details that T7 is missing from the above mentioned games (sweat, snow tracking, hit effects/sparks would actually light up the surrounding area, the dirt/liquid would stick on the characters bodies depending on the area they landed on the ground, also facial animations looked better in those games were in T7 it kinda looks weird because the game is going for a photo realistic aesthetic but yet the facial animation look completely anime, a perfect example of this is Geese's facial animation, looks off).

The other issues I have/had with the UE4 being used for T7 is that some problems are out of Bamcos control whereas if they created their own engine and there were an issue they can easily fix it since it was developed in house, a good example is the input delay that took so long for it to be fixed all the while Harada kept making excuse after another regarding the issue until they finally figured out the lag was completely out of their control.

One more thing and this might just be me but I feel that when a game uses a third party engine and in this case with T7, the game feels more like an UE4 game, just the fact that it uses someone else's engine doesn't make the game feel 'original' if that makes sense, look at the way the RE engine is being used by Capcom for RE2 Remake and DMCV, those two games look insanely good and yet they look like they have soul in them, call me crazy but that just how I view it, wish that Capcom would use the next SF game utilizing that engine.

Again, here is a clip of VF5, a game that came out over a decade ago on last gen consoles around launch window and yet the sand physics is like no other (skip to 28:45):