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Originally posted by SilverSoul
Kuma does go under mid, but that's okay, it's a bear, it can fight on 4 legs. It's not about size really, Eddy is a buff dude as well.

Most of the time Tekken hitboxes are obviously not designed according to common sense. That's the problem here. I get that mids in Tekken have different hitboxes but still, the frequency at which mids get crushed seems to have increased in Tekken 7 and this is regardless of a character's fighting style. There are situations where characters like Feng and even Kuma are capable of evading the same things as Ling. I trust I don't even need to point out the size difference between all those characters.
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Fixed tier list for Lili players only needs 2 tiers, one tier with all the chars better than Lili and a second one with just Lili.