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^i agree with Fernandito
tekkens movelist (amount) and the high mid low system is not just high mid low
this game is so exciting because of the situation with it. (to me)

people should start to accept that mid does not just mean "mid" break it down in categories
- high high (jab)
- high mid (electric)
- mid high (josies ws2)
- mid mid (drags ws1+2)
- mid low/ground (bryans qcb4)
- low low (bryans qcb3)
- low grounded (drags d2)

this is one of the reasons i really like tekken, as visual hurt/hitbox actually means it
(sure you cant balance ALL situations with ALL angles etc. but its really good in tekken7)

if paul should have such a deep low dash is a different topic tho
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