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Tekken 7 - Season 2

Season 2 is a free update to Tekken 7 arriving on September 6.

  • New 'Simple Combo' & 'Assist' feature added from the Tekken 7 Story Mode. It will be available in all modes except when Tournament Mode is on.
  • Changes to how the Ranking system works as well as a way to view your rank progress with a new guage. This rank guage will not be visible to your opponents.
  • New 'Wall Bound' mechanics added for every character in the roster.
  • Additional system and character balancing changes for the whole roster including rage drives and changes to plenty of move properties.
  • Every new character introduced in Tekken 7 will get new attacks.
  • Characters that previously had bad Rage Drives like Heihachi, Lili, Miguel, Steve & Law will get brand new ones.

Tekken 7 - Season Pass 2

Season Pass 2 will retail for $25 USD.

  • Release Date: September 6
  • Includes: 6 DLC Characters with Anna and Lei Wulong available immediately.
  • DLC Characters are also available seperately for $5 USD each.

All announced during the Tokyo Tekken Masters event:

Anna Williams

Lei Wulong

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