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Originally posted by LP SPARDA
Thanks for the news!
Just want to be crystal clear..
Every move other than ewgf takes you out of the omen stance.
Hence ewgf, then any other 1 string in omen other than another ewgf should work.

Are you saying that in omen stance:
You can stay in this state for only 5 seconds, even without movement?
Most of us could do 3 in under 5 seconds.. or is it that only 2 omen moves can be done.
ie ewgf,ewgf(omen then turns to regular jin stance) OR
ewgf,ewgf, and (whatever the remaining time permits while in stance?)

By "mega string" do you mean; [omen] 1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3 ?

In this stance can he do:
generic lows
other than ewgf, what can he tag with?
b+1+4 or b+2+4 reversal
can you do cds fom omen~1,2,4

How can you really not tell us the canned combo hmmm?...
It should start as 1+2,'.....

Can you also test?
D+1+2 after:
Any recording would be great contribution!

bro video plz about this topic
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