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ttt1 was also non cannon and did extremely well especially on the arcades

ttt2 had poor sales (casuals)
competitive lifetime was pretty damn short (hardcore) had majors that didnt even feature the game past a year and never had as much tournament entrants as we do now.. hell even t6 tournament entrants and competitive livetime was significantly longer than ttt2

t7 sold well and tournament entrants are still growing

ive never seen competitive players diss a tekken as much as they did with tekken 4 and ttt2

if ttt2 was solo only it wouldve been a better game but it wasnt

you can compare ttt2 to br or t7 (defense force lulz) both past and present games dwarf ttt2 in almost all aspects relating to core gameplay (gameplay, not rosters customization stages sounds other bells and whistles)

and yeah situational damage in t7 is high.. situational damage in ttt2 gave 80% (bound + wall break + follow up)

ill still be playing all future tekken titles and i adapt to all the bs in every series however looking back ttt2 was trash to br and t7 you could even include dr to that list if u want for both casual (sales) and hardcore (tournaments)