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Originally posted by WeaponX
What do you mean bigger offender? You mean T7 is less defense?
No, I mean exactly what I wrote, i.e. that T7, in regards to death-combos -hereby considered a negative feature overall - is a bigger offender than TTT2.
Doesn't get clearer than that really.

Originally posted by WeaponX
[My quote]
Yeah like what you said here aside from the bugs in the game:
[My quote]
I would say that I'm half right about this. Some characters you mention are challenging but not some like Chloe. If you have issues against Chloe, it means you don't know your matchup.
These two quotes are supposed to be logically linked in some way but they're comically not.
Also, don't really know where this comes from but since you mentioned it, no, I have no particular issues when playing against none of the chars I mentioned, except the justified cringe and horror.

Originally posted by WeaponX
You can be right but just stick with talking about the game rather than telling people to use their brains or something. Let them not use their brains. It's not up to you.
That's what I'm doing though.
We obviously disagree here, don't think there's much we can do about it.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
lets go by your logic then ttt2 is a fundamentally flawed game
What, lol.
Man, honest, if I were you I'd concentrate on your own logic.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
damage is too high (why patch killing hawk if it werent?)
2 combos on the same character = dead
Given a wall/balcony/floor, exactly like in TTT2, two combos can also kill you in T7.
Whereas in TTT2 you had TWO life bars AND healable damage.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
1 combo will force you to tag crash (oki mixup) or tag out (raw tags are launch open) or standup and take the risk (get launched again and you die)
No, you're not forced to do anything, especially after 1 combo.
Tagging in and out require experience and ability, same as standing up.
Retaliating or taking the risk has always been part of Tekken's core mechanics, so it seems you have a problem with those rather than with TTT2 itself.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
is it fun to watch your character getting juggled for 5-10 full seconds
I respect the fact that you dislike long combos, it's a matter of either tastes or how much tolerance you have towards them.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
is it even fun to do the same juggle over and over when you guess right? (for the first few months maybe.. a year in? definitely boring)
Basically same has ANY Tekken, especially since T5..?

Originally posted by Abigan2K
hence sales number didnt match expectations
I love how people like to talk about sales when in fact they ignore multiple things.
1) T7 is canon, TTT2 is not. This alone generally has a huge impact on sales;
2) T7 had way more advertisement and better marketing strategies than TTT2;
3) T7 has multiple features AIMED at selling to the biggest possible audience, catering to noobs, 2D characters players, FFXV fans, etc., like NEVER before.
I could list a lot of other possible reasons, or explain those I listed, but I'm afraid it'd be a waste of time.

Rest is inconsequential blabbering , but I want to point out something:
Originally posted by Abigan2K
at its core ttt2 was designed poorly it had all the bells and whistles [...]
What you call "bells and whistles", the rest of the world calls "content".
An example of "bells and whistles" are T7's slow-mos (game-play damaging. imo), RAs, "The end of the Mishima saga" slogan, Akuma in the main lore (oh for goodness sake...), the fraudulent advertisement of the supposed tens of customization items and of the 1 year support, etc. .

As for the current discussion, I'd really like a gladiator-like fighter in Tekken.
They had so many styles who didn't even involve weapons (from hand-to-hand combat to grappling) that it'd make for a possibly extremely complex and fun, manly character.