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Originally posted by Sugar Free
Also, no way I'm accepting statements like (paraphrasing):
- "Bamco is a business and players should adapt to anything they throw at you";
- "There's no crushing frames in Tekken";
- "Tekken 7's gameplay is rock-solid".
All things that at some point appeared in this discussion.... these comments are all kinds of creepy, honestly.

I have no interest in sounding smart, especially when I'm a user without identity writing on an unpopular forum that is about a niche game genre.
Your aim is way out of range.

Also, please see what user Ashesfall replied me about T7.
He said he likes T7 for the same exact reasons that make me hate it: what for me is cringe or not acceptable, for him is hype.
I 100% respect that, seeing how he acknowledges the existence of those controversial features but, differently from me, he likes them.
I'm still positive that you are misinterpreting and/or that you are just butthurt about whatever it is that makes you butthurt, but well it's not like I care about the latter.

lets go by your logic then ttt2 is a fundamentally flawed game

damage is too high (why patch killing hawk if it werent?)

2 combos on the same character = dead

1 combo will force you to tag crash (oki mixup) or tag out (raw tags are launch open) or standup and take the risk (get launched again and you die)

in ttt2 you guess less 2-3 guesses and the round is done.. 4-5 if you get to safely tag

is it fun to watch your character getting juggled for 5-10 full seconds only to get launched again post oki?

is it even fun to do the same juggle over and over when you guess right? (for the first few months maybe.. a year in? definitely boring)

hence sales number didnt match expectations

simply put in ttt2 you dont get to play.. over emphasis on juggles make a bland tekken.. this isnt marvel or dbfz where you get 3 characters that have to be finished off before the game ends.. ttt1 didnt have 50-60 juggles off a hopkick and didnt end in 2-3 guesses plus tag cancelling didnt force a guess upon raw tags

and who cares about crush frames where a simple d4 in tag2 is already risking over 50% of your life (and a forced tag decision) against a hopkick? if you decide to poke and i risk a launcher my risk pays off double.. blocked hopkick? 35dmg.. hopkick hits? over 50% + tag decision.. i seriously want to see what you have to say on this.. ttt2 defensive game huh

at its core ttt2 was designed poorly it had all the bells and whistles (which was good) but its gameplay is boring

t7 has it the other way around and not only did it sell, it has the most number of entrants in the competitive scene out of any other tekken game