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You will just get another Jerk that throws fireballs all day and will be used as Marketing tool and force to the lore so that Trollada will please to that 2D community. All this cause Trollada and the Team doesn't know anymore what to do/aren't inspired anymore about the franchise (well of course, beside dem $$$ that the franchise still bring to them).

There was a time i though Tekken: The Motion Picture was Okay, not too bad but cool and ok and could been better, now? I think this is godlike specially compare to the Joke that T7 is. The only piece of art where Tekken really felt the most right. Beside the first games of course, and DBD as well, but in those the story was told in another and very old school way, and of course even tho those were decades deeper than that Harada Fanfic T7. (I mean like if there is any deep in the T7 lowtier fanfic right.)

I think Harada should never ever touch anything in Tekken beside gameplaywise, and they seriously, i mean it's a freaking EMERGENCY at this point that they hire good writers and storytellers. (And that has knowledge and passion about the franchise of course)