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Devil Miguel for t8.

Or dark hadou corrupted Miguel better now, to be politically correct with the current direction tekken is taking.

Akuma was no match for Devil. He as expected sucked balls. On the other hand, Man God on Earth Heihachi knocked Devil off Kazuya. However, Heihachi dies of unbearable Headache during the brawl exchange. Heihachi is death. Then bring drunk corruption Miguel for T8. He will kill DevilKaz. Jin won't because he's gay since t3 and hasn't changed since.

Heihachi is death. Miguel replaces him.

On a serious note. Have you ever wondered about the possibility that everything happening after Heihachi's intergalactic headbutt on Kazuya's nose is actually Kazuya's last dream as he lies ko'd on the floor?, I mean maybe Man God on Earth isn't dead and Harada once again trolls on us, like his last try on bringing us Mokujin
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