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Man, now I want a miguel clone. Drunker than his current drunk-ass self. Increased damage output by a third, with the damage received decreased by half. Should play a bit like Dr. B from tekken 3 where it's a challenge to just keep him standing. Red eyes, broken bottles and vomit stained shirt as custom items. This is Wasted Miguel!

Whenever Miguel is sitting alone in a dark corner of his favourite bar, his thoughts always go back to the day his sister was killed... and invariably, to escape the grief that fate should kill his dear sister but spare him, he fills himself with a cocktail of the strongest drinks available. Whacked out, sloshed, plastered and drooling the drink, Miguel wobbles out from the darkness. He looks around the room once and the epiphany strikes him that the depressed and quiet guy in the corner, the two drinking buddies laughing their troubles away, the gangsters playing pool, the bartender, all of them are secretly Jin! Even the fucking dartboard that he loved so much... it's really that bastard, Jin!

"Kazhhaamaaaa!!" he lets out a high pitched scream, spittle flying out of his mouth, and rushes at all of them at the same time with all his 8 arms and legs...

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