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Originally posted by PhineBuyM3
Hard to pick out who's the worst of the new class cuz they all manage to be equally trash and out of place, but Shaheen's reveal trailer had me heated because his fighting style was listed as military arts on the website, then I see him fighting like a shounen anime character. Dude was Miguel 2.0 where they just make a character from a country where Tekken is poppin' but not renowned for having their own martial arts and give 'em a bullshit fighting style.
Excuse me sir. The fact we don't have an own martial art don't mean we can't be originally dangerous at brawling fights.

And we are not the only brawlers anyway. The british don't have their own style too and tend to go brawler style once you engage them on the street in the classic bar fight; you can trust me because I've gone through many of these : - D . However, they have somewhat managed to make everybody believe that boxing is something of theirs (they have had very good boxers imo to be honest anyway), when boxing actually goes back Sumerians, and the old good school and adorable classic Greek fuckheads had already perfected boxing to some degree, not just those famous grapples from the Spartans when disarmed in combat.

None of us here fight like Miguel. That's what I mean bruh, just like we don't wear trajes de torero con la fajilla y la capa when we go downtown, but what tekken has done with Miguel is something I like a lot. Hios style, look and behaviour didn't bother my the slightest when I first saw him, and still love him to this day : - D
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