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Originally posted by PendaS
I kinda expected Shaheen to be a grappler or a heavy hitter, but he turned out to be one of the most graceful characters in the game. I enjoy him, but wish they'd expand his movelist and add some variety. He's so bareboned, but still very effective.

Yeah, frickin lucky chloe is more complex than this dude, nevermind the effectiveness. Wish they'd have made him a grappler indeed.

Originally posted by PhineBuyM3
Hard to pick out who's the worst of the new class cuz they all manage to be equally trash and out of place

Come on man, Lucky Chloe is the best thing that's happened to tekken since Lili. It's only by the luckiness of Chloe that Tekken 7's sold as much as it has.

Dude was Miguel 2.0 where they just make a character from a country where Tekken is poppin' but not renowned for having their own martial arts and give 'em a bullshit fighting style.

Yeah, but atleast most of Miguel's moves and animations fit together well to bring across that drunk brawling look, and the gameplay is pretty fun. Shaheen's is just some random ass flippity flipping generic stylish shit. Honestly, I think even bob is better characterised than shaheen. And I dobn't even wanna get started on frickin' claudio.


Speaking of throw away characters, when are they gonna pander to India? India's got some legit martial culture.
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