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Originally posted by Sugar Free
Agree, they have always been there though in every Tekken, and I find Tekken 7 is counter-intuitively a much bigger offender in this department in comparison to TTT2, since with characters like Akuma or Geese you are basically just some execution away from performing one every - single - match in not necessarily super fringy conditions.

What do you mean bigger offender? You mean T7 is less defense?

Originally posted by Sugar Free
All this based on what factual evidence?
Hell, what even is the theoretical base for such assumptions?

Yeah like what you said here aside from the bugs in the game:

Originally posted by Sugar Free
I also like challenges, so playing an unpolished, shaky and inconsistent game really adds up to the overall difficulty, in a sense: this is mostly what makes me play T7 too.
And beating Chloe, Akuma, Jizz, Eliza and Josie, there's also that.

I would say that I'm half right about this. Some characters you mention are challenging but not some like Chloe. If you have issues against Chloe, it means you don't know your matchup.

Originally posted by Sugar Free
See, this is where your posts stop being credible and you just sound butthurt.
Well I know putting people in front of evidence against something they like or support usually means more often than not that those people will come back at you emotionally rather than rationally, this is obviously the case here.

So me considering you arrogant means misinterpreting your post? No, I fully understand where you're coming from and agree what you wrote. Also you have the right to dislike the game. Despite the fact that there are bugs in the game just understand the game is incomplete. I personally still like the game because they remove this bad taste my mouth for 4 years of playing TTT2. I did play this game religiously for the first year but I have been in and out of the scene since then. You can be right but just stick with talking about the game rather than telling people to use their brains or something. Let them not use their brains. It's not up to you.