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Originally posted by WeaponX
This like, dislike, and hate rage system on your team synergy was a terrible idea.
I agree, I didn't like it either.
It's also my opinion that Tag vs Solo was hardly ever a balanced situation, to add to that.

Originally posted by WeaponX
Death combos are a killer in this industry.
Agree, they have always been there though in every Tekken, and I find Tekken 7 is counter-intuitively a much bigger offender in this department in comparison to TTT2, since with characters like Akuma or Geese you are basically just some execution away from performing one every - single - match in not necessarily super fringy conditions.

Originally posted by WeaponX
Now T7 is able to identify bad players like you who have trouble against newer characters like Chloe, Akuma, and etc. Bad players like you should just play TTT2 since you obviously didn't do your homework on matchups
All this based on what factual evidence?
Hell, what even is the theoretical base for such assumptions?

See, this is where your posts stop being credible and you just sound butthurt.
Well I know putting people in front of evidence against something they like or support usually means more often than not that those people will come back at you emotionally rather than rationally, this is obviously the case here.

Originally posted by WeaponX
rather you went off ranting on bugs from other people's findings.
Seems like you didn't get your hands dirty enough to know what it exactly what hardship feels like in T7.
Oh the assumptions.
I explicitly wrote I basically cannot have a daily session without personally having to deal with some obviously unintended idiocy that straight out kills the fun and potentially ruins a streak.
Borrowing what the internet has to offer, which mirrors the same issues I find myself dealing with while playing T7, is a matter of practicality: why reinventing the wheel?

I don't have the means to record games, my money goes toward other things atm, but buying the necessary things to eventually do so is there in the realm of possibilities.

Originally posted by WeaponX
You're just trying to sound smart and I don't like those kinda people.
No man I just have a strong position about a certain subject and I like to build and express my opinions above factual basis and evidence.

Also, no way I'm accepting statements like (paraphrasing):
- "Bamco is a business and players should adapt to anything they throw at you";
- "There's no crushing frames in Tekken";
- "Tekken 7's gameplay is rock-solid".
All things that at some point appeared in this discussion.... these comments are all kinds of creepy, honestly.

I have no interest in sounding smart, especially when I'm a user without identity writing on an unpopular forum that is about a niche game genre.
Your aim is way out of range.

Also, please see what user Ashesfall replied me about T7.
He said he likes T7 for the same exact reasons that make me hate it: what for me is cringe or not acceptable, for him is hype.
I 100% respect that, seeing how he acknowledges the existence of those controversial features but, differently from me, he likes them.
I'm still positive that you are misinterpreting and/or that you are just butthurt about whatever it is that makes you butthurt, but well it's not like I care about the latter.