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Originally posted by Sugar Free
So this is the second time you directly and personally offend me, out of nowhere also, since you never truly entered the matter of discussion, and just posted to comment about me as a person.

Given the above, if I were you, I'd really ponder about my own social skills before judging those of other people.
It's unhealthy, I suggest you to spend your time differently.

Thanks for your reiterated interest in what I play.
Well, as a matter of fact I do prefer TTT2 to T7 for sure.

I also like challenges, so playing an unpolished, shaky and inconsistent game really adds up to the overall difficulty, in a sense: this is mostly what makes me play T7 too.
And beating Chloe, Akuma, Jizz, Eliza and Josie, there's also that.

You know, I was distracted by your attitude and didn't really give my input on this topic. I stopped playing TTT2 the first year of its era. Tag crash killed my oki game after wtf with Nina or just oki in general. There's already enough variables to handle oki situations and adding another is enough to really put them in favor to escape. A lot of unsafe moves had tremendous push back which I couldn't punish after successfully blocking mixups. It was a last draw for me after finding out that I couldn't punish Lee's d4444 to hitman. This like, dislike, and hate rage system on your team synergy was a terrible idea. I would like to freedom to choose any kind of team that I see fit for my strategy. Team Williams was laughable at best because you'll never see rage unless pigs fly. Death combos are a killer in this industry. Once again, you have to have the right team to do those death combos. Sucks for you if you don't have the team to do that and it even sucks even more if you're the receiving end of those death combos. Stepping was great in this game but it came with a lot of baggage. It made bad players who don't know how to backdash or block and can just blindly avoid almost all mixups by stepping in one direction. Now T7 is able to identify bad players like you who have trouble against newer characters like Chloe, Akuma, and etc. Bad players like you should just play TTT2 since you obviously didn't do your homework on matchups rather you went off ranting on bugs from other people's findings. Seems like you didn't get your hands dirty enough to know what it exactly what hardship feels like in T7. You're just trying to sound smart and I don't like those kinda people. I guess you can say that I have a social issue but only to the smart asses around me.