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Originally posted by WeaponX
I'm telling you that you're an asshole
So this is the second time you directly and personally offend me, out of nowhere also, since you never truly entered the matter of discussion, and just posted to comment about me as a person.

Given the above, if I were you, I'd really ponder about my own social skills before judging those of other people.
It's unhealthy, I suggest you to spend your time differently.

Originally posted by WeaponX
Once again, play TTT2 since you like that game so much.
Thanks for your reiterated interest in what I play.
Well, as a matter of fact I do prefer TTT2 to T7 for sure.

I also like challenges, so playing an unpolished, shaky and inconsistent game really adds up to the overall difficulty, in a sense: this is mostly what makes me play T7 too.
And beating Chloe, Akuma, Jizz, Eliza and Josie, there's also that.

I like Ashes' positivity.
The game is what it is at this point, but an announcement for cool stuff like legacy characters would really boost my morale about the whole thing.
Not that I really expect anything major but eh, who knows.