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Originally posted by Sugar Free
Yes, you are misinterpreting.

It seems you are offended by my opinion, or by the fact that I express one.

No, I interpreted it well. I respect your analysis to the game but I don't like your attitude in telling people to use their brain in their lives. I'm more in tune with how condescending you are than what you are posting. I'm telling you that you're an asshole and you posting facts doesn't override that. It appears that you lack some social skills. Try to use your brain in that department.

Originally posted by Sugar Free
Tekken 7 (subject) fails even when it comes to subjectively liking its gameplay because of how broken it is, especially in comparison to previous Tekkens.
Even if you like it, it (subject) falls shorts in many departments by not being consistent.
Nowhere I'm saying you are not intelligent for liking it or that you should not like it.

You don't need to repeat it when I already know your point as I mention that T7 is still an incomplete game. Once again, play TTT2 since you like that game so much.