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Originally posted by WeaponX
So I'm misinterpreted your posts? This is what you said.
Yes, you are misinterpreting.
Tekken 7 (subject) fails even when it comes to subjectively liking its gameplay because of how broken it is, especially in comparison to previous Tekkens.
Even if you like it, it (subject) falls shorts in many departments by not being consistent.
Nowhere I'm saying you are not intelligent for liking it or that you should not like it.

It seems you are offended by my opinion, or by the fact that I express one.

Originally posted by WeaponX
Just another piece of shit on the planet acting how smart he is. Just go play TTT2.
This is where you show how mature you are.
You are the one offending kiddo, but I don't make a big deal out of it, nor I care at all, I'll just concentrate on the pre-existing discussion.

Originally posted by sheep 2.0
Typical TZ. Mention you like the core gameplay and don't care about customizations, and then get shat on by an elitist who thinks his OPINION is fact.
It seems people here just answer emotionally rather than rationally.
I obviously replied to the part where you said "T7's gameplay is rock solid", though, which I do not agree with, not to the part where you stated you liked it, which is fine.

Pretty sad I have to specify this, honestly.

Originally posted by bob in der bahn
man you still don't get it..there are no crushing frames

look is well in his crushing frames i guess...
Crush frames are not always visually confirmable for all moves (see King's u/f+1+2), which is fine and probably intended.
That's the case for Law's Dragon's Flight, late animation doesn't crush, pretty well known fact.
Yes, he still gets hit while at A.King's back, that's a very fringe situation, which is logically very hard to deal with for developers and it's totally understandable; sure I don't like it, but I can deal with it no prob.
That's not an hopkick, I'm talking about hopkick, which have very enstablished features and characteristics, especially when players are just one in front of the other.

My point is, that Lee clip's situation, and several others, are obviously not intended to happen.
Clipping, going through, hitting an opponent who's supposed to being in his crush frames, etc, are all things that are not supposed to be there.

Now, it's fine if a game has some unintended and not game-compromising features.
T7, on the other hand, has the full batch.
You cannot even watch a 2 hour stream or play a 2 hour game without something very stupid happening at the game's fault.

So yeah, you're still very confused about the matter.

I don't want a perfect game, that's just not conceivable.
At least though, if T7 has literally nothing else to enjoy or distract you apart from its gameplay I just want a very solid gameplay then, something T7 doesn't have.

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