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@bob in der bahn

Turns out I got exactly what you meant and you're still kinda confused about the whole thing.
Also, you took that clip of Lee and started a (inaccurate and mostly straight out wrong) general discussion about how Tekken always behaved like that.

Short reply: specifically, hopkicks and the likes are meant to crush lows; Lee is well in his crushing frames in that clip, but he still gets hit by a low; not a first at all in T7 and certainly not the last.
It's an unintended feature, no rocket science involved, and T7 is FULL of them: see below in the next reply.

Originally posted by sheep 2.0
Meh. Could careless about customizations and story mode. I love T7 because the core gameplay is rock solid.
You like the gameplay, a lot even, maybe? Completely fine, ofc.
T7's gameplay being rock solid, though? Hell no, not even close: ( 00:32 ) (00:17)
This is a lazy selection of just the first few I saved and shared with friends for the laughs, most are not even the most offending ones and some are there as an example of consistently reproducible ones.
For instance, there's tons of hitbox/hurtbox porn like good ol' "Feng going through people" that I didn't list.

Then obviously there's TZ's own BS thread:
For reference, as far as I remember, TTT2's BS thread was 90% about hugely damaging combos (most forgot you used to have 2 life bars, but w/e), Lar's u/f+3 and JUnown's stuff at release.
T7's is 90% about unintended/unpredictable gameplay issues that end up being decisive for a match, rest is Paul's deathfist and other usual butthurt stuff.

Originally posted by WeaponX
Sugar Free,

I don't like your attitude. You don't have to belittle their intelligence just because they don't have the same vision as you do. If you don't like the game, then don't play it. That doesn't mean you get to bash other people who are really enjoying the game. Go back to play TTT2. There are still people online who would be glad to pay with you.
I'm positive you misinterpreted my posts.

I hereby encourage people liking the game to play it and, for the heck of it, express their joy if they feel like it.
One thing is liking it for what it is though, which is ok, another one is writing things like "T7's gameplay is rock solid", when it is factually not and by a wide margin, especially when compared to EVERY previous iteration from Tekken 5 on, aka over 10 years.

I'm evidently not bashing them for liking or playing the game or anything like that; what I'm doing is rightfully trying to counter false perceptions/statements or otherwise straight lies.

That said, I don't feel like I belittled anyone's intelligence, nor that was my intention, I couldn't care less.
BUT, if that's the case, since you brought this up, I'm sorry if anyone felt offended in this discussion.

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