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Originally posted by lightbeast
And it had the motion blur which T7 dosen't.
Tekken 7 does feature motion blur:

"Desenfoque de Movimiento": Motion Blur

And on the t7 vs tag2 discussion. TTT2 was the more complete home version tekken ever released. Its only two weak points were the ost and the customization, this last still superior to the shit we have in T7. However, from the gameplay perspective, tekken tag 2 was kind of a parody of a volleyball game, to the point it consisted only in waiting for your opponent to get launched, insert brainless juggle combination, and here we go again until he runs out of hp. T7 thankfully fixed that to some extent at least.

TTT2 was great in solo mode as some sort of t6 2.0. I always played solo and believe me I never ever gave a shit about what the pros could tell me to do about or not. TTT2 damage was too high on tag mode, and the tag mechanics were laughable to say the least.

And about ttt2 netcode being superior to T7..., not sure if either joking or that you're still playing on ps4.

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