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Originally posted by Sugar Free
I'm sorry I come out rude, but this one bit tells heaps about how much you don't know what you are talking about.

ALL the previous Tekkens used a proprietary engine, developed by Namco specifically.
T7 uses a third party engine, Unreal 4, so even though tons of assets and code could be borrowed, MOST of the core has been made from scratch, with the rest being ported and/or converted/adapted.

don't worry you are not just don't get what i'm saying

the unreal engine works the same way that's why we have the same glitches for some moves
like i said you are not invincible against lows if you are in the air
you can go under mids with ducking moves
hell you can even crush lows with aop~d

tekken does not work like rock paper scissors it is always very specific to every move
because and i say it again it's hit frames + hitbox vs hit frames + hitbox
if you don't understand that part please don't replay with a wall of text again it's just bullshit
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