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Originally posted by Abigan2K
t7 already sold double in december 2017 vs ttt2.. noctis patch (this year) probably sold a couple of thousands more

this is a topic i kinda like to jump in

- i bought t7 for ps4 and pc (2 units and i know more who did that)
- 20+ year franchise now also reaches to a huge PC market (even tho fighters on PC are niche)
- this game has extra life after release through a season pass

what i want to say
i am not impressed by the sold numbers but its ok i guess
i played tt2 the last days for some online casual fun (solo marduk) i realized how much faster you find (different) players in such a old game. when i play t7 on ps4, it takes way longer to find games ...

the no cross play function is already doing its job in killing the population ...

i just wished tt2 had t7 throwbreak system (especially as a online only player)
tekken7 for sure lost a lot of appeal to me for many (personal) reasons even tho the (core)gameplay in tekken7 is really fun
still good enough to not quit the franchise and still hope for season 2 or a overhauled "ultra final" edition even tho i wont believe in it

ps: tt2 decal system is not perfect but for sure nice and better than nothing in compare
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