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Originally posted by Sugar Free
Now now, let's apply that to real life, shall we.
Lol, Lars tier provocation there.
Yup, figured you'd be the kind of guy who likes to bow to capitalistic business instead of applying critical reasoning to everyday life, that's why I gave back my copy of T7 to amazon and you didn't, to whoever your seller was.

I still try to play it just because I got it gifted back by an unsatisfied brotherly friend who didn't feel like going through the (admittedly easy, lol) process to get his money back.

Even though reasoning doesn't seem to be your forte, I respect the fact that you didn't like TTT2's gameplay.
That's different from saying TTT2 was crap, when the Tekken we have now is not even fully definable a Tekken game.
Hell, it hasn't been a complete game per se until after a couple months, when they fixed the online mode ( and then the input lag, for PS4).

If you enjoy it, more power to you.
Less power to the Iron Fist.

look theres a reason why ttt2 is one of the lowest selling tekkens to date with only 1.5m copies while any other tekken (except tekken 1 for obvious reasons) sold more


t5 and t6 sold a hell lot more compared to your 'complete' ttt2 despite using the same engine

the game was flawed.. casuals didnt like it and now competitive players diss it.. (there was even a point in time where jdcr himself said the game was too random) you think the whole world went full retard except the vocal minority here in tz? i dont even remember the last time a competitive player posted here as opposed to 5 yrs ago.. the only years where evo didnt have a tekken was during ttt2s lifespan

these are all facts

t7 already sold double in december 2017 vs ttt2.. noctis patch (this year) probably sold a couple of thousands more

i for one do not like the 2d dlc guest characters.. i dont like meters in tekken.. i dont care about customizations..

if you like ttt2 then kudos to you.. id rather play a fighting game with someone than have nobody to play with