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Originally posted by bob in der bahn
things like that happened in EVERY tekken so far

because tekken thats how tekken was coded from the start
I'm sorry I come out rude, but this one bit tells heaps about how much you don't know what you are talking about.

ALL the previous Tekkens used a proprietary engine, developed by Namco specifically.
T7 uses a third party engine, Unreal 4, so even though tons of assets and code could be borrowed, MOST of the core has been made from scratch, with the rest being ported and/or converted/adapted.

To people who've played competitively since Tekken 5DR this is particularly evident after playing for a few hours, but this is subjective and not technical, the previous fact stands.

Also, no, shit like that was RARE and very specific to SOME characters.
I mean do you remember the Lars u/f+3 meme? It was so popular and fun BECAUSE it was HELLA fringe and specific to that ONE move of that ONE character.
Meme's like those just cannot be conceived in T7, where every other match something idiotic and UNINTENDED happens.

Rest of your post is gibberish I won't even consider, sorry.

Originally posted by dodecadozen
This. Except the customization bit. I mean, it was good by itself but dropped the ball on improving on T6.
100% agree, the bit was more of a comparison between TTT2 and T7.
Originally posted by dodecadozen
To be fair, hitbox issues and such aren't really a big concern unless you play competitively. From a casual or semi-serious player's perspective, that kind of occasional unpredictability is really not a deal breaker.
I do and it's a deal breaker.
Consistency as been a constant in Tekken, the closest to perfection a fighting game has ever managed.
T7 is a MESS in that regard, almost chaotic if you really wanna dive deep into it.
Originally posted by dodecadozen
Even from a competitor's perspective, going by how popular the game is, I guess a lot of people don't mind too much there either. There must be something the game must be doing right, or atleast well, to attract such a crowd despite these issues.
With T7, they did everything in their power to obtain max reward by making it appealing to crowds with minimal effort.
The game is all about the visuals and the hype, with slowmo, rage arts and 2D characters being there RIGHT for this purpose.
That's why it attracts crowds, it was their aim since the start at the cost of original playability and enjoyment.

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