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Originally posted by Sugar Free
TTT2, a part from liking the gameplay or not, which is subjective was a proper, complete game, to say the very least: it had the best netcode a Tekken game has ever had, auto-saved replays of the latest matches, a true customization mode, full set of offline modes, ALL THE FUCKING CHARACTERS EVER except Gon and the plus list goes on and on.

This. Except the customization bit. I mean, it was good by itself but dropped the ball on improving on T6.

As a well rounded game, we didn't realise how good we had it with Tag2 until we lost that in T7. I did miss a Tekken Force mode in Tag 2, but still I used to play 4-5 times a week compared to T7 which I've played maybe 4 times in the last 4 months.

T7 fails even when it comes to subjectively liking its gameplay, since it has TONS of broken parts.

To be fair, hitbox issues and such aren't really a big concern unless you play competitively. From a casual or semi-serious player's perspective, that kind of occasional unpredictability is really not a deal breaker.

Even from a competitor's perspective, going by how popular the game is, I guess a lot of people don't mind too much there either. There must be something the game must be doing right, or atleast well, to attract such a crowd despite these issues.

Every part of the game is shit, reaching bottom lows in Tekken's history from the music to even the smallest details.

There's a lot of nice things about the game, just the bad parts do a frickin total eclipse on the good parts. Just making the stages more interesting and keeping the musical style from T6 around would have made for a much more positive impression.

Man, someone needs to open a dissection thread discussing all the things T7 got wrong in minute detail, so team tekken can get it right the next time.
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