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Originally posted by Abigan2K
ttt2 was crap
Then you have no idea what crap is.

TTT2, a part from liking the gameplay or not, which is subjective (when it doesn't involve broken mechanics, like T7's wall surfing, hitbox/hurtbox's parody, position switch after rage art initial animation etc. etc. etc.) was a proper, complete game, to say the very least: it had the best netcode a Tekken game has ever had, auto-saved replays of the latest matches, a true customization mode, full set of offline modes, ALL THE FUCKING CHARACTERS EVER except Gon and the plus list goes on and on.

TTT2 is, to this day, a better standalone videogame and a better Tekken game overall.

T7 fails even when it comes to subjectively liking its gameplay, since it has TONS of broken parts.
One example out of literally hundreds out there: a friggin' low hitting Lee out of his hopkick.
I'm guessing you don't play the game very often, or you don't watch streams: shit like that is a daily thing.

At this point I'm really annoyed by blind people like you, we've all been cheated and you cannot even notice.

Every part of the game is shit, reaching bottom lows in Tekken's history from the music to even the smallest details.
I mean have you even had a look at Noctis hair???? IT'S-FUCKING-PIXELATED!! It's 2018 and it's a Tekken game, c'mon!
The budget and the effort in this game's production is so low I have my eyes forcedly crossed every time I look at that metrosexual pseudo-japanese teen's hair.

Originally posted by Abigan2K
T7 is a step on the right direction.
T7 is 90% of what Tekken should have never been.
It's Tekken X Street Fighter's beta sold as a full product and you don't even realize it.