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ttt2 was crap you spent most of your time either juggling and or getting juggled than actually playing tekken (even if you had 2 lifebars).. hopkicks were insanely overpowered in that game since you get about 80+ damage with TAs and probably around the 100 range with walls + oki. on block you risk only about 30-40 damage.. in summary ttt2 is an offensive game where the game strongly favors yolo/random launchers. This got heavily nerfed in t7

T7 is a step on the right direction. True fans do not like dlc chars but we have no choice but to adapt. Namco is actually risking losing their hardcore fanbase to appeal to the rest of the fgc community I hope it pays off

Evos T7 numbers are the highest a tekken game has ever gotten esp compred to ttt2 so that speaks volumes compared to minor complaints we have here in tz