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Good that you brought this up. No idea what's up with TMM. I'd say too that he understands pretty well, but still puffs up the game to be what it's not just for the stream $$$.

Unlike him tho, Aris has a pretty unambitious attitude about the game. He's still in the lower red ranks and obviously enjoying the game for what it is. He's openly said in past videos how utterly shit the story mode is, how he doesn't enjoy the music, and how he doesn't give a shit about customization and anything else other than online. I suppose he gets good, consistent connections most of the time for him to enjoy online and he's been playing on PC from the start. Besides, he's got a good set of people to hang with to play offline. Moreover, since he doesn't take the game seriously anymore, he can afford to joke away the stage\hitbox-hurtbox goof ups of the game as "Harada's finger" and "email Harada" and all that. Not to mention he likes playing Geese.

He's adamant about Tag2 being garbage, but also admitted that him thinking so was partly a subjective thing since tag 2 came out during a difficult time for him.

The guy only cares about the general gameplay of a tekken game... and he's got pretty low expectations to start with. He doesn't even complain about Wang and Armor King (whom he used to play often) not being in and shit. But then, he recently admitted that from a player's perspective, T7 would be better off without rage arts.

With someone like him to borrow opinions from, I'm sure a lot of his followers don't significantly feel the lack in quality and quantity of T7 either. This guy is a sedative for fandom.

I dobn't think it is a "matter of time" question for him, atleast until the next tekken... I mean, unless T7 changes significantly.

I do hope they've got plans to change the game significantly.
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