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Ok so for those who know TMM, he made a reputation of himself being a whiner over the years.
He's also a Mishima elitist, meaning usually you're either "Dourya!!" or else a pathetic player.

With that premise, I can generally respect the man himself, he's a good entertainer, and also the player, cause playing Kaz is hard and I mean, HARD, especially online.
He made it to Revered Ruler with him and , a part from the rank, he plays WELL.
Definitely not the average player by any means.

Now, I watch him to step up my Kaz, and at the beginning he was one of those notorious faces praising the game at launch, saying it was awesome and all.
I never shared his opinion, but he's not stupid, and my personal opinion is that he set his mood so high for T7 cause for him it has has been a huge step forward from TTT2, which he hated with a passion (something I also do not agree with).
Also, again, he's not stupid: it's easy to understand how talking badly about the game could be counter productive for him.

Well, long story short, stream after stream (and it's been a year of T7 now), I could personally tell an obvious contrast in his words when he was openly voicing his "official" opinion about T7 AND when he was more spontaneously commenting about this or that about the game when he was playing (yes, ignoring the obviously raging ones).
Something I never actively paid attention to, but it became kinda obvious over time.

UNTIL, in yesterday's stream at 29:58, he finally spontaneously murmured something in disappointment while playing against Fergus' Eliza, something I'm asking myself since release: "What happened to Tekken..?".

Might be of little importance for most, but it unespectedly struck me.
TMM is a veteran player, someone who played every single Tekken title, he loves the brand, he's always been an enthusiast defender of Tekken.
You just don't state such a thing if moments before you loved the game.
So, I realized he's either in denial, lying to himself and probably about to go through the remaining 4 phases of grief, OR, he always knew (or has come to the realization at some point) that T7 is shit and just needed to fuel it, like his colleagues, to keep it relevant.

Either way, I found this whole thing very sad.

I know, kinda random, but hey, this' the right thread no?

Next up is Aris, another individual apparently affected by the "T7 pwns, TTT2 sucks" idiocy.
Matter of time?