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Originally posted by Shiv
Hey, I was looking for rage drive combos with the RD as initial move. The combo in the OP was a bit lacking and difficult to time (the b1, 1 is tricky), so I played around a bit with other stuff.

This is what I came up with:

Rage Drive combo (77 dmg):
cd3+4 f1+2 d3,4 SWS~f1,3 dash uf3+4

Seems quite a bit easier to hit, does more damage. Not sure if you could end it with a different move, uf3+4 just seems easy and consistent to hit.

Oddly, d3,4 does not connect normally on male characters, but there is a trick to do that constantly. Once you hit with f+1+2 you buffer f,f or u during animation and it links.

Alternatively, you can do the following after raw RD:

RD, 4, 3,3 S! dash, 1,2,4 SWS f~3 (74) - the trick is to delay 1,2.. part a bit
RD 2,4 SWS f~1,3 S! dash, uf+3+4 (69) - the most consistent combo out of RD I found, unfortunately opp is BTed and you can't utilize wall properly. :/

Other stuff that was not listed yet:

WS+3, dash, d+3+4 (39-48, depending on how opp decides to recover from grounded)

(rage) CH WS+1, f+1+2, RD, f+1+2, 1,2,4 SWS f~1,3 S! dash, uf+3+4 (99 + wall carry)

CH 4, f+1+2, f+3, f+2,3,4 S! dash, SSL, 3,2~f~1,3 (66, vs male chars only)

uf+3, f+3, 3,3 S! dash, f+3, 1,2,4 SWS f~3 (66)

CD 2, f+3+4, f+1+2, 1,2,4 SWS f~1,3 S! dash, uf+3+4 (74, vs male only)

RD (hitting mid-air opp), delay, 3+4 S! dash, f+3, 1,2,4 SWS f~3 (51)