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From back:
Lee slightly left of center, d/f+3,2,3, 2, b+2~f,N, b+2~f,N, b+2~f,N, b+1;1~f,N,b,N+2,4, S!,
easy: d/f+3,2,3, 2, b+2~f,N, 2, b+1:1~f,N,b,N+2,4, S!
Also *I think* possible (will check, would be max damage)...
d/f+3,2,3, 2, ff~d+2, b+2~f,N, b+2~f,N, b+1:1~f,N,b,N+2,4, S!

Can finish with either WR+3,4 or FF+2,1

Lee slightly right of center:
df+3,2,3, 2,d+2, b+2~f,N, b+2~f,N,b,N+2,4, S!
easy: d/f+3,2,3, 2, d+2, b+2~f,N,b,N+2,4, S!, ff~b+2~f,N, f+2,1
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