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I've found a combo vs. Gigas that is quite difficult to do, but yields good damage.

WS+2,3 - b+1,1~f - tiny sway - b+3,3~f - WS+2,4 S! (Ender??)

I'm struggling to find an ender for this combo, as most things seem to miss, like ff+3, f+2,1 or WR+3.4.
But even without an ender, this combo does 60 damage, which is 4 more points than Ws+2,3 - b+1:1:2.

A tip for linking b+3,3 from b+1,1~f is to let Lee sway back only a tiny bit, then input b+3,3. If done too quickly you'll get MST+3 instead.

If someone can find a suitable ender for this combo, that would be great. Though I feel the timing demands will affect this combo's reliability.

Try it out and see for yourselves
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