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Fun fact, when Chloe does her low, mid infinite kick string, when the first kick hits, Maven can HAZ1 the mid for a free launch. Seems to be a popular beginner tactic.

Also, Claudio's f+2,2 where he hops back far is launch punishable by 3~4.

Originally posted by Rezz
Is there any reason to punish -14 moves with b+4,4? It does less damage than 4,1 and only gives about 1 more frame advantage?

Near the wall this will wallsplat the opponent.

Originally posted by Gandido
Just wanted to toss out what seemed like something important that I came across yesterday, although it might be common knowledge already.

Crouch dash with qcf (d,d/f,f) input does NOT go under jabs/highs. You get hit like if you were standing.
Crouch dash with d,d/f input DOES go under jabs and highs. If you hold back during this CD and a high was thrown near the very end, you WILL block it. (Tested vs. Alisa's RA since it stays out for so long).

Not common knowledge,this explains a lot. This is a deceptively simple input that makes worlds of difference in a match. Now I understand why I sometimes would go under a high, and then get hit by the exact same high. I thought it was my timing, but it is simple execution. Fantastic info.
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