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Originally posted by AKG_Highlander
Anyone got any tips on getting df+2_uf+4_LP f+3, f+3, f+3? More consistently? Seen lots of vids where people use it a lot and I am starting to get the second f+3 a bit more consistent but still nowhere near using it in a real match

I wish I could help you with this, but I have kind of given up on the f+3(x3) juggles, except perhaps after a cd+2. Unless I am missing something, the kind of juggle you can get with this maxes out, damage-wise, in the following way:

f+3, f+3, f+3, f+2,3,4 (S!), dash, 3,f+3

If that is correct, the damage for the juggle part (not including the launcher damage) is:

12+9+7+(12)+(11) = 51

Meaning the above plus a d/f+2 (NH) would deal out 61 total damage.

The reason I go through all the above here is because I have a few alternatives for getting the same total damage, which you might find easier to add to your game, although they are not pretty juggles.

Here is the standard, with some variations further below:

3+4 (S!), (step forward), ws+3, 4, f+4,3, u/f+3+4

damage: 18+10+6+3+4+(3+7) = 51

This juggle works most easily after either kind of hopkick, but can also work after a d/f+2. With the uppercut, though, it gets a LOT trickier, and it seems to hinge on the ws+3, which should neither be too close nor too far.

It also works after a magic 4 CH at anything closer than starting distance, unless you are off axis to your opponent's left. If the 3+4 hits, the rest of it shouldn't be too tricky.

Also, it won't work on Gigas or Jack. With them, you have to use the following:

3+4, ws+3, f+3, 1,2,4~f+3 - still 51 damage

Very tricky, though, and seems to hinge on the ws+3 again, in ways I cannot reliably describe yet.

With the bears, there's yet a different variation you have to use:

3+4, ws+3, f+1+2, 1,2,4~f+3 (52 damage)

The good news with the bears juggle is that it is dead easy, and can be used with anything that the 3+4 can hit a bear with, such as after a b+1+2 or a SWS, 3(CH). It is even easy after a d/f+2.

Going back to the first juggle I mentioned, you can also use it after a LP. Here is one more variation:

3+4, f+1+2, f+3, f+3,4, u/f+3+4 (52 damage)

This one will also work after a LP or a cd+2, if the opponent is taller than Josie. So, it will work on Lili, Nina, and MRaven, for example, but it will not hit Lee, Yoshi, or Josie herself. The first juggle listed here would be the way to go with smalls like them, although you can use a f+1+2 or step up and ws+3 for the second hit - your choice.


3+4 (S!), (step forward), ws+3, 4, f+4,3, u/f+3+4 (damage: (launcher + 51))

Use after: u/f+4, u/f,n,4, d/f+2 (very tricky - work on the ws+3 placement/timing), magic 4

3+4, ws+3, f+3, 1,2,4~f+3 (damage: (launcher + 51))

Use after: all the above, but with Jack and Gigas

3+4, ws+3, f+1+2, 1,2,4~f+3 (damage: (launcher + 52))

Use after: LOTS of stuff, with the bears

3+4, f+1+2, f+3_n,4, f+3,4, u/f+3+4 (damage: (launcher + 52_51))

Use after: cd+2 or LP. Use f+3 with bigger than Josie, but smaller than Jack. Use 4 with Josie and smaller. For Jack and Gigas, you might have to come up with something else after a LP, but the J&G juggle above will work with cd+2. After an LP on bears, I can't remember the best follow-up. It might be to swap f,f+4 for 3+4, and it will hit, but you get 4 fewer points' damage.

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