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ff+2 is pretty hard to punish, yeah! Due to pushback.

Oh! The other great mid move for all wavedash characters: ws4. It's really fast, safe, and you get loads of frame advantage if it hits. I need to do that more.

For Hei, you can do cd4 n4 to get the first hit of hellsweep into ws4, and that's a pretty good low option. The first low is unseeable, and people are incentivized to block low after the first one hits so they don't eat a launcher.

For knowing what *really good* players find scary about wavedash, watch high level Korean Mishimas! Lord JDCR plays a lot of Hei. Knee and Qudans for D. Jin. Sometimes Knee rocks Kazuya, and it is unreasonably sick when he does.

For like... pretty good but not demigod Mishimas, see what TMM does with Heihachi? I think the low he uses most is db2. He just wavedashes because he wants to be in your face ready to side-step electric.
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